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The need for investment in social care

Did you recently read or hear about David Weir and his housing situation? Despite his huge success he still lives in an awkward and inaccessible house. Imagine, if a 6

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Martyn Sibley’s Epic European Disability Roadtrip: part 3

Disability Horizons Co-editor Martyn Sibley is nearing the end of his Epic European Disability Roadtrip. Check out his latest video update to find out what he got up to and

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Martyn Sibley’s Epic European Disability Roadtrip: part 2

Check out Co-editor Martyn Sibley’s video update from his Epic European Disability Roadtrip, filmed in Vilnius, with the trials and tribulations from the past week… Find out more about the Epic European Disability

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Martyn Sibley’s Epic European Disability Roadtrip: part 1

Co-editor Martyn Sibley’s Epic European Disability Roadtrip has begun! Take a look at his video from day one, heading into and around Amsterdam… Find out more about the Epic European Disability

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Disability Horizons: cha cha cha change…

It’s been nearly eighteen months since Disability Horizons went live and in that short period the growth of this magazine has been phenomenal and flattering. We now have tens of

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Epic European Disability Roadtrip: never give up

Co-editor Martyn Sibley tells our Disability Horizons community about his latest – and in his words possibly craziest – challenge yet: the Epic European Disability Roadtrip! For those who are

The Paralympic Games 2012: day 1

From the very best bits to what you’ve been talking about, we’ve got the Paralympic Games 2012 covered! So, we’ve just experienced day one of the London Paralympics 2012, kicked

5 top tips for using accessible travel in London

With the Paralympic Games starting in London in just two days, Disability Horizons Co-editor and London resident, Martyn Sibley, shares his top tips on travelling around the UK’s capital. We

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Airport provision for disabled passengers: DON’T MISS the Radio 4 interview

Today, at 12pm, Co-editor Martyn Sibley is being interviewed on Radio 4’s You and Yours programme. Following on from my visit last Thursday to Gatwick airport for the Muscular Dystrophy

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Disability eConference: sharing advice and inspiration

Disability Horizons Co-Editor, Martyn Sibley, discusses his new project – Disability eConference – enabling you to share ideas and experiences to support others. I am excited to launch a new project