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Guest post: enjoying an accessible Mediterranean holiday

The Mediterranean region is a wealth of cultures, languages and beautiful weather. The Mediterranean coastline is covered by France, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Western Asia and is the Southern point of the European Union.

An ideal holiday destination for millions of travellers including disabled people who choose this hotspot for their annual holiday each year. So why not grab a bargain at Thomson and jet off to the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea? You may think that being disabled limits your choices when it comes to travel and you will face insurmountable difficulties which will prevent a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Look no further, everything is covered and whatever your needs are, you can rest assured your every need will be catered for.

Cruises are an ideal holiday for disabled people. Take a cruise on the Mediterranean and experience three different continents all in one trip and with accessibility for disabled people all in one place, a cruise makes for a wonderful choice of travel with a diverse mix of experiences. With adapted cabins to cover your every need, excellent support from staff who will assist you every step of the way, with space and flexibility, a cruise will satisfy the travel bug in you.

Choose a trip around the French and Italian Riviera and experience places such as Nice, Monte Carlo and Genoa, in Italy, or for something with an Eastern touch, why not got for a cruise and visit Egypt and the Red Sea, Morocco or Santa Cruz, in Tenerife. Perhaps a tour of the Greek Islands combined with a visit to Istanbul, in Turkey, where there will be a myriad of exotic fragrant bazaars with belly dancers floating past you in an aromatic aura. You will not cease to be amazed at this exotic heaven awaiting you.

With a special assistance team awaiting to help you onboard your cruise, you will have your every need catered for. There is a full range of services available including medical assistance if required at any time. It is advisable to have a discussion with the tour operator in advance to discuss your specific needs and abilities, so that all preparations can be made to ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise. With specific cabins adapted for disabled people, it is advisable to pre-book your cabin which have specially adapted bathrooms and wider spaces for wheelchair users.

A cruise on the Mediterranean will open a world of exotic medleys as well as an unforgettable experience and leave you with no doubt that nothing can stand in your way of a dream trip.

For more information, check out Thomson Holidays and their FAQ section for disabled travellers, which contains information on what services can be arranged. If this article has got you in the mood to travel then please also check out what is on offer with our Special Discount Partners.

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