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Disability, sex and relationships: one couple, two different questions

In our series on disability, sex and relationships, expert and resident agony aunt Tuppy (who runs Outsiders – a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship) answers your

Disability advice and advocacy: where to go for help

With government cuts biting into councils and care budgets, Disability Horizons writer Nichola Daunton explores the advice and advocacy options available for those who need support, wish to challenge a

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Disability and entertainment: the art of disability

Hayleigh Barclay is delighted to join in with Disability Horizons to offer a monthly article on entertainment. Hayleigh has a Masters in Creative Media Practises, is doing a Doctorate of

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Hot Octopuss is offering two lucky Disability Horizons readers the chance to win a PULSE II SOLO or a PULSE II DUO sex toy worth £69 and £89 respectively. The

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Disability and gadgets: Dementia… who’s innovating?

Robert Wemyss is the IT guru at Really Useful Stuff. RUS is delighted to join in with Disability Horizons to offer a monthly roundup of all things tech and gadget.

It’s time for disabled people to come together and organise…

With government cuts kicking in and the Labour Party in crisis, Disability Horizons writer Nichola Daunton interviews Mancunian disability activist (and lifelong Mozza fan) Richard Currie, about party politics, the

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The endless possibilities of visiting Australia

Australia is a big country with many interesting places, things and animals to visit and see. This is why tourists enjoy heading down under so much. Another thing that makes

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Six Month Academy: mentoring scheme for young people with SMA

We’ve teamed up with SMA Support UK to create the Six Month Academy, our new mentoring scheme for young people with SMA. Here at Disability Horizons, we’re pleased to announce

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Disability and public speaking: overcoming the fear

Hi, I’m Jennie and I’m new to Disability Horizons! I’m 24 and have Cerebral Palsy, which affects all four limbs and my speech. Like many of you out there, though,

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PULSE II: the sex toy developed with disabled people in mind

Disability and sex have long been considered mutually exclusive topics by the media and the general public. But one British entrepreneur is determined to change that and help people with