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What does a Paralympic wheelchair rugby player do when funding stops?

Paralympian Ayaz Bhuta has played wheelchair rugby professionally for the last six years. But the two-time European Champion’s hopes for competing at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics have been dashed as his

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Disability benefits: top 10 tips for managing your money

We all know that having a disability comes with lots of extra costs. So, if you’re receiving some form of disability benefits, but not much else, it can be hard

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Disability and sex: the ultimate guide to sex toys

Last week, our resident disability and sex expert Tuppy, gave you her top tips on how to enjoy sex, no matter what your disability. This week, we’ve asked her to give

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Invisible disabilities: understanding dyslexia

Not all disabilities are obvious, or even visible. New Disability Horizons writer, Aurora Betony, shares her experiences of adult dyslexia, how people perceive it, and offers some guidance and support

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Top tips for enjoying sex, no matter what your disability

Every adult should be able to enjoy sex, whether they’re disabled or not. So we’ve asked our sex and relationships expert Tuppy – who runs Outsiders, a private club for

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Accepting your disability and living your life

Disabled or not, we’re all susceptible to feeling emotionally low, self-conscious and suffering from anxiety. But if you have a disability, it can be harder to accept what life has

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How one wheelchair-racing athlete is using her notoriety to give back

Team USA wheelchair racer, Arielle Rausin, uses her career to fundraise and support charities that are important to her. Read on to find out about her recent trip to Kenya

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Why consider functionality when selecting a clinical assessment

Consider this scenario: you run a landscape company and have recently purchased a brand new lawn mower. It’s a beautiful machine with top of the line technology and cosmetic features

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