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Disability and sex: the ultimate guide to sex toys

Last week, our resident disability and sex expert Tuppy, gave you her top tips on how to enjoy sex, no matter what your disability. This week, we’ve asked her to give a rundown of the best sex toys for people with a wide range of disabilities.

How can I enjoy sex and what toys are out there to help me? These are questions I hear all the time, from disabled people with a variety of impairments. So, I’ve rounded up the top sex toys that can lend a helping hand.

Using a section from our School of Sex for Disabled People website (yet to go live), these toys can support disabled people who have difficulty with masturbating solely on their own, to have orgasms using sex toys. This could be through tucking them into their pants, placing them on top of erections, or strapping them on. Not all of these toys will be right for everyone, but I there is a wide range to choose from.

In the table, you’ll see information on each sex toy’s key features, and whether it is suitable for:

  • ‘assisted masturbation’ – where once the toy is put in place and turned on, either by yourself or someone else, it can work its magic;
  • and/or ‘self-pleasure’ – where you use the toy to bring yourself to orgasm.


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By Tuppy Owens

If you’ve got a question for Tuppy and would like her help, please email her:

Outsiders is a FREE social, peer support and dating club, run by and for socially and physically disabled people. Its members have a wide range of impairments, including visual and hearing impairment. 

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  1. I find the Hot Octopuss pulse II duo from Pulse to be quite effective all by itself without any movement. It has 10 different very strong and interesting vibration patterns, and at least one of those is able to oscillate me to orgasm before the internal batteries die too much. It is not very comfortable to slip on, so be careful. I didn’t like paying so much for a toy, but I find it better than the others I have tried. When a friend helps, I enjoy a Tenga Egg, but alone this is my go to.

  2. The Archer Bowchair is a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like a sex chair. The company has just released a metal version that’s less expensive than the original, for which they are seeking FDA clearance with the goal of insurance coverage. You can create “motion” that doesn’t require leverage and it allows for custom attachments for safety (personally, falling out of a chair scares me and would surely “ruin the mood” so I require an attachment that looks like an armrest). They’ll make whatever you need so that you can enjoy sex alone or with a partner (they even have attachments for hands free play with toys). And it can get WET! Not sure I can post the link here but you can find them in Google, they’ve been in print and may still have a coupon. Best to ALL!

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