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Accessibility guides for Manchester and Leeds – help make it happen

AccessAble, originally called DisabledGo, is a national disability organisation. It has accessibility guides for more than 10,000 places across the UK, all to help you take the chance out of going out. It wants to add Manchester and Leeds accessibility guides to its FREE website and app – but it needs your help to do so…

Back in 2018, we ran a poll asking our users which UK cities they’d most like to see added to the AccessAble.

AccessAble map of the UK

The results are in – Manchester and Leeds were voted as the top cities that need our Detailed Access Guides.

Our Manchester Champion, Heather Lacey, sums up what a difference these guides would make to people living in and visiting Manchester.

Paralympian Hannah Cockroft filmed her shopping trip on the high street in Leeds – she thinks all businesses should have an AccessAble Detailed Access Guide.

How you can help AccessAble

We’ll be speaking to the city councils to encourage them to join with the 110 other local authorities we work with, to make AccessAble Manchester and AccessAble Leeds a reality.

You can genuinely help us to achieve this mission, even through something as simple as an email!

Help us show how crucial this information is – that Detailed Access Guides are essential, not a nice to have.

Email David Livermore with your experiences –

By AccessAble

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