Emma West

Emma West

My name is Emma West. I have a very rare disability called Kniest Syndrome which means I'm 4ft tall and all of my joints are enlarged and pretty inflexible. Because it affects my mobility I use a mobility scooter when I'm out and about. I'm what's called a portfolio worker - this means I do several jobs!: I'm an Online Counsellor www.emmawestcounselling.co.uk counselling people via video, text and email. I sit on disability benefit [PIP, DLA, AA] tribunals as a DQM [Disability Qualified Member] Finally, I'm also a freelance writer and I've written quite a few articles for Disability Horizons I live in Devon with my husband, Mike, my two teenage sons, Archie and Ben, Topsy, the border terrier, and Luna, a Jack Russell. In my spare time I love to go out for walks on my Tramper with the dogs, I also enjoy cooking and baking, going out for meals, wildlife/animals, psychology, and travel.
Work & Education

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Entertainment & Culture

Representation of disability in popular culture in 2020 – where are we now?

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The advantages and disadvantages of my child having inherited my disability

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Wellbeing & Fitness

7 ways to boost your mental wellbeing during lockdown and beyond

If you're struggling because of the Covid-19 isolation, discover 7 ways you can boost your mental wellbeing now and into…

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