A very ABLE radio station

A very ABLE radio station

Feel like listening to something new on the radio? Well… we have the pleasure of introducing you to Able Radio! The UK’s first disability radio station!

Able Radio is the UK’s only radio station catering for disabled people, broadcasting live full time to the disabled community whose presenters and volunteers all live with disabilities or long term health conditions.

Part funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Able Radio was founded in 2006 after co-founder, Malcolm John, witnessed disability hate crime in a shopping centre. Wanting to make a difference and change people’s perception of disability and disabled people, Able Radio was born.

Everybody involved with Able Radio dedicate themselves to providing opportunities and giving a voice to those in the disabled community, their friends, their families and the care staff who often go unnoticed. A number of shows are broadcast on a daily basis catering to the requirements and the taste of the listeners. Able Radio broadcast a daily magazine show called Able Live along with weekly specialist shows such as Able Rocks, Able Bassline and the 80’s show as well as an armed forces show and Able Today.

The radio station has grown rapidly through demand and now plays a pivotal role within the disabled community. Able Radio engages with numerous organisations and individuals across the UK, broadcasting from its studio in South Wales as well as offering opportunities around the whole of the UK. Presenters from all over the UK present live shows via Skype.

As well as the broadcasting, Able Radio has built a very positive reputation in the training sector. Four groups are run weekly consisting of adults with various learning disabilities. They learn core skills such as communication and confidence as well as learning to operate in a radio environment. The success has been apparent and they are now in the process of delivering OCNs so that each participant in the training programme gets the recognition for their hard work that they deserve.

To listen to Able Radio, click here.

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