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Top tips for dating with a disability

As New Year’s Eve is upon us and 2016 is close by, we decided to ask Disability Match‘s dating expert, David Miller, for his top tips to help you find love at

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10 annoying or inappropriate questions disabled people have to endure

Disablism is generally informed by stereotypes, ignorance and false assumptions about disabled people. Because of this, social norms are often suspended in encounters between disabled and non-disabled people. A prime

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Disability and entertainment: where are all the disabled people?

Hayleigh Barclay is delighted to join in with Disability Horizons to offer a monthly article on entertainment. Hayleigh has a Masters in Creative Media Practises and is currently undertaking a

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Disabled holidays, more sex and work in the year ahead

Bought to you by dating website Disability Match we have another podcast featuring news, views and opinions on the disability world. In this Christmas and New Year addition they talk about how

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Disability and body image: fitting in when your body does not

Body image and confidence go hand-in-hand. If you’re content with your body and accept it, then you will beam with confidence, leading others around you to do the same. But in

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Reach new heights in Wales with Taking Flight Theatre

If you live in Wales and fancy taking part in theatre workshops and residencies, then Taking Flight Theatre might be just the company for you. Founded in 2008 by theatre

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Inner Me: a documentary about women, courage and deafness in Congo

Italian independent filmmaker Antonio Spanò has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help complete his latest work Inner Me, a short documentary film about being female and deaf in Congo,

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Disability and music: disabled singer James Ian and his Labour of Love

James Ian is a soulful singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. All songs on his album, The Labor of Love, were written and sang by him. All instrumental parts on the album

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Disabled icons: painter Frida Kahlo and pushing boundaries

Top critically-acclaimed disabled artists Changing attitudes toward disability in the media Top 10 disabled celebrities from across the world In the first of a series of articles on disabled icons,

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Escape… with Accomable

Every week, we’ll be posting a selection of holiday rentals that have been posted to our new listing service, Accomable. So if you’re looking for that perfect place to get