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clos-o-matClos-o-Mat – is market leader in sales, support, advice and service of toilets and bathroom assistive technology that deliver control, hygiene, dignity and independence in intimate care at home and away.

branch propertiesBranch Properties – Have you had difficulty finding suitable accessible rented accommodation?  Branch Properties is an independent letting agency who has launched a service specifically aimed at meeting the accommodation needs of disabled people in London.  We are an honest, friendly & personal company. We are the first in the private sector to clearly identify finding specific accommodation suitable for disabled people, including those who need wheelchair access.  We are committed to working with prospective tenants to understand your needs, and will work with you to find adapted accommodation. We have great rapport with landlords and we will do the hard work, so you don’t have to!
Office: 020 3475 4022 / Website / Facebook / Twitter

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