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New media, new beginnings

Hello and welcome to the third edition of Disability Horizons! We have another collection of amazing stories from some very amazing people, most of whom got in touch with us after reading a previous edition, and expressed an interest in sharing their story.

We also wanted to thank everyone for the responses received to our travel review questionnaire. We are working at collating all the information we have been provided into something easy to navigate. This is so all disabled travellers can find out the information they need.

Things have gone from strength to strength with Disability Horizons since we launched in May, in a way that was beyond our wildest expectations. This further underlines the need for a positively focused disability related publication that promotes the abilities of those who just happen to have a disability. The underlying principles in the message we are trying to convey in this magazine are also heavily dependent on the extraordinary tool of dissemination that is modern social media. It has been quite incredible how Disability Horizons has been picked up on Twitter and Facebook, and for that we would like to thank all our readers who are sharing the message. Social media is at its best when one uses it to question established and entrenched thinking. We hope that Disability Horizons kick starts a renaissance in thought that fundamentally questions the established and entrenched thinking of disability, which in our view is misguided.

To ensure that this site can best use the social technologies available and to further ensure that it can cope with the extra demands required from increased user numbers, Disability Horizons will be undergoing a kick-ass upgrade.  For this we have to thank AJ and Melissa Leon of the LAC Project in New York City, who have most kindly offered the assistance, support and guidance of their fantastic company to upgrade the site. The LAC Project can do incredible things, and their use of social media is inspiring. If anyone out there wants to start a revolution in a cause that they believe in, give them a shout.

Putting our general ramblings and musings of the world aside, we have a great edition lined up:

• DH’s co-editor, Martyn shares an article on the very poignant subject of relationships

• DH meets Barry West, an extreme sports enthusiast and adventurer who climbs mountains despite having a spinal injury

• Matthew King from Bedford talks about his experience taking part in the New York marathon in his chin-controlled powered wheelchair

• Katy Etherington from London writes her experience of travelling by cruise ship

• DH’s co-editor, Srin recently came from a holiday to Tenerife and writes about his experience

• Sarah Ismail discusses the portrayal of disability in the media and provides an excellent analysis of the current state of affairs

• Rob Smith, who runs a company called Active Hands shares his story about starting his own business

• Graham Findlay from the Chartered Institute of Housing shares an article on a special project he organises that aims to recruit disabled individuals for traineeships in the housing sector

• Sandra Rhodda from Auckland, New Zealand writes about her research project focused on the experiences of deaf travellers when travelling abroad with the aim that the findings of such research can eventually assist and improve the experience of deaf travellers around the world.

As always, please do get in touch if you would like to contribute to Disability Horizons in any way you think could help by emailing us as

Thanks again for reading our magazine and we hope you enjoy this edition!

Srin and Martyn

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