Q&A with Paralympic swimmer Hannah Russell

16-year-old ParalympicsGB swimmer Hannah Russell, who won three medals at the Paralympic Games 2012, already has her sights set on the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. She takes some time out

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Invisible disability: small gestures and big impressions

Artist Tiffanee Griffiths talks to Disability Horizons about how her invisible disability has affected her work and how something like a small, socially accepted, handshake can have such an impact. My

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Q&A with one-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthy

Pianist Nicholas McCarthy was born without a right hand. He’s been playing since the age of 14 and has now joined the British Paraorchestra, performing recently at the Paralympic Games

Wheelchair pool and snooker: inclusive sports­

After the London 2012 Paralympic Games the eyes of the world have been on disability sport more than ever before. But how many people know about wheelchair pool or snooker?

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Guest post: The newest breakthrough in artificial limbs

Artificial limbs have come a long way in recent years. With limbs that can be controlled by slight eye movement the technology just keeps getting better, however this isn’t the

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Skills for Care: do you pay for your own care or support?

Breakthrough UK – a disabled people’s organisation – and research company Ekosgen have been appointed by Skills for Care to undertake a national study with self-funders: disabled people who pay

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Accessible New York City

Freddie Sheffield tells Disability Horizons about his recent trip to New York City, from the Empire State Building to Central Park, plus all the adventures and mishaps in between. During

Entertainment 1 Comment inspiration and disabilities

Disabilities and jobs are topics on the rise in circles across the globe. Chad Moore, founder of, has combined them all in a small business start-up that offers wall

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Blue Badge Style: accessibility with style

Fiona Jarvis talks to Disability Horizons about Blue Badge Style, a guide for stylish, less-physically-able people wanting to enjoy the finer things in life, cool bars and restaurants accessibly. I

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Disability art and Turning Points

Artist Chris Tally Evans talks to Disability Horizons about how he became a ‘story teller’ and how his recent work, Turning Points, was recently featured as part of the London

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