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Accessing New Zealand: part one

Have a disability? Well you’re about to be disproven by Jasmine, who has Friedreich’s Ataxia and has just come back from New Zealand. Find out how you too can take

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Blingsticks: designer walking sticks

Blingsticks founder Dawn Banton discusses MS, setting up her own business, and how she’s made walking sticks sexy. Before I developed MS I worked as a professional singer and dancer,

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Challenging impaired perceptions of disability

Do you have an impaired perception? I know what you’re thinking; that was a ridiculous opening sentence. How could this weird internet person know what I am thinking? He has never even met

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New multimedia play 21st Century Dinosaurs

New play 21st Century Dinosaurs, which looks at the attitudes towards visual impairments, is opening this coming week and we’re offering two tickets to the lucky winners of our Twitter

Q&A with Paralympian Anna Turney

The Winter Paralympics is over for another year. So as the curtain closes on Sochi 2014, we speak to Paralympian Anna Turney, who took part in this year’s Winter Paralympics.

Winter Paralympics 2014: the story so far…

Back in 2012 the world was griped by the London Paralympic Games, and Team GB didn’t disappoint us Brits. But how are our paralympians doing in the Winter Paralympics? And

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DH in the Pub: come and join us…

Who doesn’t love putting the world to rights, particularly when it comes to disability rights, with your mates down the pub? Well that’s exactly what Disability Horizons Co-editor Martyn Sibley

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Q&A with Ashley Thomson: one-handed hairdresser

When you have a disability, such as only having one hand, there are certain jobs some might imagine you can’t do. But that’s where people are wrong, as proven by

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Guide to accessible holidays in Spain part two: Malaga City

Part two of Louise Brace’s rough guide to disabled holidays in Spain, brings us to Malaga city, underrated and sadly overlooked by many tourists, who disembark at Malaga airport and

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Is disability a political issue?

Next year, in fact in fourteen months time, there will be a general election. In the build-up, the lobbying and posturing, the canvassing and polling, the TV reports and the