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Hft is a national charity, founded in 1962. We pioneered the idea that adults with learning disabilities have the right to choices about how they live and how they are supported, to enable them to lead the best life possible. We continue to explore ways to deliver this right for people, every day.

Mobility and Sickness Information Service (MASIS) strives to promote and share examples of good practice with other charities, service providers and local and central government departments in order to emphasise the importance of improving the lifestyles of disabled people and individuals with long-term medical conditions.

Developing greater levels of social inclusion, equality and diversity indirectly help to boost self-esteem and wellbeing.

As approximately 20% of the United Kingdom’s population is affected by disability (with similar percentages in Western Europe and the U.S.A.) as equal as possible opportunities need to be created to encourage disabled people to become more actively involved in their communities and societies.

MASIS also realises the importance of the often forgotten work undertaken by and support given by the many millions of people who fulfil the roles of carers.

MASIS is a Registered Charity and a Community Interest Company and needs to generate revenue through commercial relationships. Once relevant operating costs have been met, all surplus funds will be re-distributed into supporting specific medical research projects which are striving towards combating the ‘myriad’ of causes of disabilities.

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REMAP is a national charity working through local groups of skilled volunteers to help people with disabilities achieve independence and a better quality of life.

We make or modify equipment when nothing suitable is available through mainstream sources. Items are tailor-made to be suitable for individual needs and to make a real difference to people’s ability to rise to a particular challenge and achieve something not otherwise possible for them.

Cerebral Palsy Guidance is an educational support website dedicated to providing parents with detailed information on the complex condition of cerebral palsy.

Astriid’s founding principle is to help skilled professionals with long term illness find meaningful work. Our online job matchmaking service connects our highly skilled members with businesses seeking talented candidates. This helps businesses benefit from a diverse, talented workforce and provides candidates a sense of normality and a positive mental attitude.

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