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Accessible North Devon and Cornwall

Planning a holiday? Rob and Bridget, a wheelchair user, share their experiences of travelling around North Devon and Cornwall. Find out how accessible North Devon and Cornwall are by reading their detailed review,

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NORMCORE project showcases clothes made for people living with disabilities

Clothes that are practical for people with a range of disabilities are often lifeless and dull. The NORMCORE aims to break this by creating clothes with and for disabled people that are functional and stylish.

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Number plates competition

In an attempt to find you the most interesting and unusual prizes, Disability Horizons has teamed up with to bring you the opportunity to win yourself a novelty license

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Nearly 40% of disabled people we surveyed experienced hate crime online

37% of the 250 disabled people we surveyed experienced disability hate crime online. Worryingly, 36% of those who were targeted told nobody. We want people to be better protected against disability hate crime online.

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Promoting mental health for people with learning disabilities

Mental health is something we all need to keep in check. But, if you have a learning disability, it’s can be particularly important. Discover two strategies for helping to promote mental health and wellbeing.

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Insider travel tips from a disabled traveller

Disabled traveller Wolf has travelled the world, including to Spain, Germany and the USA. Read his insider disabled travel tips from his years of experience to help make your accessible holiday stress-free.

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6 creative first date ideas that will dazzle every wheelchair user

If you’re disabled and dating, make sure you plan the perfect first date for a wheelchair user or another disabled person by taking a look at these six creative ideas. They’ll certainly want a second date!

Accessible adventures – no matter what your disability

Thought you couldn’t take part in adventure sports, such as climbing or rally driving, because of your disability? Think again. Find out all the different ways in which you can access adventure – no matter what your disability.

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Disabled dating: my Tinder experience

Are you disabled and dating online? Wheelchair user Ross, who recently tried the online dating app Tinder, shares a post from his blog about his experiences with the dating site.

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Tips for flying in a wheelchair

Between trying to find a cheap flight, getting to the airport, and going through security, by the time you get to your assigned seat you usually let out a sigh