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Advising to improve accessibility to tourism!

Regular Disability Horizons contributor, Carrie-Ann Fleming, has been running Tourism for All’s information service, based at the Vitalise call centre in Kendal, since October 2005. Carrie-Ann shares this article about

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Young and disabled? Make sure your voice is heard!

The Young People For Inclusion forum (YPFI) is made up of a group of young disabled people aged 13 to 25 and is always looking for new members… Started in

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Martyn Sibley: Overcoming my disability to volunteer abroad

Disability Horizons’ Co-Editor Martyn Sibley is heading off on an amazing journey to volunteer in sunny Spain… For my readers who know me personally or have read my blog since

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Book review: Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell

Regular Disability Horizons contributor, Sarah Ismail, discovers the parallels between her personal experiences of living with cerebral palsy, and that of the author of “Off Balanced”. Off Balanced is the

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Pre Recruitment Training: Still one of best ways to help talented disabled jobseekers beat the competition

Regular DH contributor, Mark Wilson, who worked for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for over 35 years shares an article about the usefulness of pre-recruitment courses for disabled

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Making the internet accessible to all

Ben Carpenter, Strategic Advisor at Race Online 2012, tells Disability Horizons why the internet should be accessible for everyone. Race Online 2012 was founded by Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion.

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Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement

Debbie Caulfield recently discovered the beauty of Edgar Degas’s work, an artist who became disabled by depression and blindness in later life. Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement was a

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A profile of Paul Carter of Markthree Media

DH journalist, Sarah Ismail, features Paul Carter, a co-director of Markthree Media, an award winning television production company. Paul Carter doesn’t have an ‘official name’ for his disability, but he

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Starting your own business – Startup 101!

Want to start your own business? Rich Donovan, a disabled entrepreneur based in New York City who has started several successful businesses, shares an article with Disability Horizons on his

Accessible sailing with Rudyard Sailability

Imagine this: You are a charity that has been going for nine years. You provide sailing opportunities for disabled people across the Midlands. Many of your volunteers are themselves disabled…