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The Equality and Accessibility of eSports

Video games are bigger than ever, and they’re no longer something that’s best enjoyed on the sofa in your living room. Over the past few years, gaming has become a spectator sport. There are now eSports tournaments all over the world, attracting huge audiences, with participants battling it out to win massive cash prizes.

These tournaments are now so lucrative that people can be professional gamers. They can take part in eSports tournaments on their own or as part of a team, playing everything from Call of Duty and League of Legends to Gran Turismo and Fortnite. Millions of people watch the tournaments, either streaming them online or going to watch them live. In fact, eSports has become so popular in recent years that there was a talk of it being an official event at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of being online, from the dangers of gambling to the risk of being hacked or being tricked by fake news. However, the online world isn’t always dangerous. To some people, it’s liberating, and gives them a chance to do things they could never do out in the real world. Despite significant advances in many traditional sports such as basketball and cycling, where disabled athletes perform internationally at the top of their respective game, there are still many sports that have some way to go before being more accessible. However, eSports can be counted among the former, as they give disabled players a chance to rise to the top and play at the highest levels.

One of the most well-known gamers is Mike Begum, who goes by the name “BrolyLegs”. He was born with the genetic condition arthrogryposis, which affects his joints and prevents muscle growth, and scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. That hasn’t stopped him from gaming, though. BrolyLegs plays by holding a controller in one hand and pressing the buttons and joysticks with his face and his tongue. While that might sound difficult, he’s reached Professional status playing Street Fighter V.

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BrolyLegs, and other gamers like him, receive help from charities such as AbleGamers, which finds ways for people to play video games when they’re unable to. Using high-tech gadgets such as mouth controllers or voice control, or something as simple as a rubber band, charities such as this can help people with disabilities to take part in something that previously would have been unimaginable for them.

More and more people with disabilities are getting into gaming. The number has grown so much that this year, on August 31st, Japan is holding its first-ever eSports tournament for gamers with disabilities. The Gunma E-sports Festival will see teams of players battling it out for a prize of 1 million yen. At the tournament, they’ll be able to use special equipment and adapted controllers to play more easily.

With eSports becoming even more popular, it’s clear that more gamers with disabilities will get into it, whether they’re just watching or taking part. Becoming an athlete has always been about training, dedication, and overcoming obstacles, and eSports is no different. While it may seem that disabled gamers are more disadvantaged than most, eSports has given them a way to compete against people all over the world. Their disabilities don’t matter – only their skill at gaming.

The Equality and Accessibility of eSports

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Expanding Accessibility in Online Gaming and Gambling

Thanks to the advances made in the world of online gaming, there are now more options available for those who want to take a gamble online. Changes like introducing customisable control options, turning off fast-paced gameplay, reducing flashing effects, and enlarging hard-to-read text have made it easier for gamblers to play slots and other online casino games.

Understanding the Appeal of Slot Bonuses for Disabled Gamers

Any online gamer who enjoys slots will find slot bonuses appealing, but players with disabilities may be especially interested in incentives. Online gambling is a thrilling experience, and users who aren’t able to partake in other thrill-based activities because of physical disabilities may get a bigger rush from slots. Slot bonuses also encourage gamers to play and escape from difficult realities, which is shown to increase happiness.

Inclusive Design in Online Slots and Casino Games

While there is still a long way to go regarding inclusivity in online gaming, many creators have updated their games to allow players with disabilities to partake. Several companies have hired accessibility designers to help generate and test games to ensure they are accessible. In the world of online gambling, there are measures that can be taken to allow gamblers with disabilities to take advantage of incentives offered by slot operators

Basic Accessibility Features

Some changes are simple and can be implemented easily by online casino game designers.

  • Remapping: Allow users to change the keystrokes or mouse clicks required to play the game.
  • Colourblind Adapted Text: Use colours that are friendly to people with colour blindness, such as high contrast hues, and avoid very similar shades.
  • Subtitles: Include subtitles for gamblers with hearing difficulties.
  • Large Text: Apply a larger size to any text on the screen to make reading easy for those with vision impairment.


These guidelines may not be as easy to implement, but they make a big difference to gamblers with disabilities.

  • Speed Adjustments: Let players with motor disabilities slow down games to allow them to play.
  • Distinct Sounds: Sound and music essential to gameplay should be distinct, so players with hearing issues can understand the differences.
  • Contrast Changes: Allow users to adjust the contrast and brightness on games to see features better.
  • Custom Captions: If users can customise the appearance of the captions in the game, they will be able to read them more easily.


More intensive changes require a lot of work, but adding these features to your game will make it much more accessible.

  • View Mode: Allow players to change the orientation of their game from landscape to portrait mode.
  • Emoji Chat: Using symbols and other graphic indicators lets users easily understand the text’s tone.
  • Screen Reader Support: Screen readers are essential for some online gamblers, so allowing them to use this feature will increase gameplay.
  • Save Settings: Allowing users to save the settings they need to change will encourage them to come back and play again.

The Future of Accessible Online Entertainment: eSports and Beyond

Despite all these advances, there are still opportunities for entertainers and game designers to increase accessibility in the online industry. Creating spaces for those with disabilities to discuss their needs and educate creators will encourage them to standardise these options. Starting coalitions like the TV Access Project, a group of broadcasters who have pledged to hire more disabled talent, gives hope to performers with disabilities. These advances, and more, will make the future of online gaming and gambling bright for disabled players.

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