Martyn Sibley: kickstarting my first book

Together we’re going to Kickstart my first book and inspire the next generation of disabled travellers!

As you already know from reading my blog and articles on Disability Horizons, I like to challenge myself. Especially if I think it will help change perceptions of disabled people or inspire others to reach for their dreams. Which is why, for my latest project, I’ve challenged myself to write a book. A book about all my accessible travel adventures to date, designed to inspire a new generation of fearless disabled explorers!


Throughout all of my projects so far, I’ve always wanted to show young disabled people (and anyone else who has ever doubted their own abilities) that travelling the world and achieving your wildest dreams is possible; whatever challenges you may face. With so many barriers still existing when it comes to accessible travel, navigating a way through the maze of airlines, hotels and accessible tourist attractions can be a nightmare for the inexperienced disabled traveller. So that’s why I want to use my own experiences to show others how they can start their own adventures, and make the most of all the world has to offer.

From Mexico to Lithuania to Japan, my book will chart the ups and downs of my globetrotting to date, and show how I developed from a child who thought travelling without the support of his family would be impossible, to a 21 year old who set off for Australia without them.

martyn - japan

If I want my story to be told though, first I’m going to need your help. With the publishing industry increasingly hard to break into for first time authors, I’ve decided to go down the self-publishing route, which means I’ll be able to make my book available as an e-book, audio book and old-fashioned paperback all at once. To get to that stage though, I’m going to need a cash injection so I can afford to take the time to write it, and also pay my designer and editor. Which is where you, good people of the Internet, come in!

I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for the book, so if you can spare some money to pledge, then there are some great rewards to be had. By backing this project and sharing my story with friends on (especially on social media), you’ll be helping me to inspire the intrepid disabled travellers of the future, and any kid who ever thought, just like I did, that what they so desperately wanted to do would never be possible.

By Martyn Sibley

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