Getting your life back on track after disability

Anthony Wright overcame countless obstacles after having a brain tumour, and is now trying to help others find their path to recovery through writing and public speaking.

Please tell Disability Horizons readers a bit about yourself.

I am a brain tumour survivor. I have recovered from nine operations, a week in a coma and a month in a wheelchair.  Along the way I died once and was nearly blinded. I lost my face, my mental capacity and quite possibly my future.

These days I am well. I have learned to walk, talk and have recovered from all my injuries. The recovery programme has been very successful. I can now run two miles or walk ten. My speed of speech, short-term memory and dyslexia are much improved.

I now run my own company, as a trainer and public speaker, appearing on radio shows both here (BBC) and in the USA. The key topics are usually inspirational and recovery related. I also do training courses and speeches for the commercial world related to Neuroplasticity (mental capacity, brain functionality).

I spoke in May 2016 at the at the Chartered Institute of Personal Development conference, at the Olympia exhibition centre in London. The subject was Neuroplasticity and Learning – a topic of which I have first-hand experience.

What would you say has been the most challenging part of your career?

Overcoming my head injury. The typical symptoms I still deal with include mental fatigue, short-term memory loss, dyslexia, reduced thinking capacity and poor moods. I’ve had to find ways to work around these and live as normally as possible.

I had to learn to speak again properly because of the facial surgery and dyslexia. Basically, my body became like a car engine firing on only three cylinders – it will go, but everything is very hard work.

What motivated you to become an author?

you-can-self-heal-how-to-use-the-natural-healing-power-of-your-body-and-mindThe brain tumour made me more aware of human mortality, and so I wanted to leave something behind to show for others. I published You Can Self Heal: How to use the Natural Healing Power of Your Body and Mind in 2014. My main message is that, despite all manner of uphill struggles, it is possible it get your life back. I hope it will bring hope and value to many, and I believe is a message that should be heard.

Can you give our readers a bit of insight into what your book is about?

The book is designed to be an easy walk-through for people facing major medical issues. It is not intended as a medical reference book, but more as a map or guide through the process of diagnosis, intervention and recovery. People often find medical issues both frightening and overwhelming, which can undermine their recovery process. The book seeks to cover these issues while maintaining a calm, relaxed and positive note.

The book outlines all of the positive steps I took in my recovery and will enable the reader to revitalise their natural healing powers. I hope that people will able to encourage and motivate all the resources of their mind and body to heal. The book is a map or guide that will offer a structured, self-managed approach for your own healing.

What has the response been like since your book has been published?

Interestingly, the most positive responses seem to come from those who are unwell or troubled with medical issues. If folks are well, they hardly notice it. It`s like giving a drowning person a life jacket. I even get fan mail from the United States.

What advice would you give to other people living with an illnesses or condition that will inspire them to start a career in writing?

I would have to quote Peter Drucker on that one: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” To which I would add: “Where you are going is infinitely more important than where you are.”

For more information on Anthony Wright and his career, visit or email him at You can buy the Kindle version of his book You Can Self Heal: How to use the Natural Healing Power of Your Body and Mind on Amazon for just £3.29.

By Zubee

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