Access All Areas: Peak District

Access All Areas: Peak District

In our Access All Areas series of videos, Sophie Morgan and Disability Horizons Co-editor Martyn Sibley explore a range of locations across the UK to see just how accessible they are. Here, Sophie examines the Peak District.

You might assume that the Peak District, with its rolling hills and muddy tracks, isn’t very accessible for wheelchair users. But Sophie Morgan busts that myth as she travels around the Peak District to find accessible activities, including water sports, abseiling and cycling. She even tries out the Boma 7 for herself, an off-road wheelchair/mobility scooter for all terrains – snow, mud, hills, you name it, it can go anywhere and everywhere. Take a look…

You can also find out what our intrepid explorers thought of ExmooreNorthumberland and the New Forest.

And if you’re planning your next holiday, why not pop over to our new travel site, Accomable, to find accessible accommodation not just in the UK, but across the world.

By Disability Horizons

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