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Paralympic Games 2012: your highlights

So, the Paralympic Games 2012 are over. But for the last eleven days we’ve been keeping you up to date on Twitter and with daily articles so you don’t miss any of the Paralympic action. We hope you’ve had as much of a blast as we have! We’ll round up with some of the best pictures from the Games, and your top highlights.

Here’s a selection of photos that you have sent us:

Images credited to Filipe Roldão, Cath McNicol, Noodlefish, Vik Shah and Bronagh Miskelly.

Here’s the video of our fab day at the Olympic Park:

Your highlights:

Margo Milne – @MargoJMilne

“Highlight has to be #ThrillingThursday in the Stadium… Cockcroft, Weir and Peacock!”

Cath McNicol ‏ – @Wheelimcn

@DHorizons 5-a-side (blind) footy – Nations favourite game. I was really looking forward to it after seeing it on TV & wasn’t disappointed.”

Emily Willgrath – @EmWestgrath

“Highlight of the paralympics was definitely richard whitehead winning gold in the 200m, that was amazing! ”

Tom Barton – @tombarton

The last #TheLastLeg with @adamhillscomedy tonight. Sport aside, the show has been the absolute highlight of the #Paralympics.”

BWGrant – @BrianWGrant

“Mistakenly thought Paralympics was the dessert after the main course. How wrong I was – Paralympics was definitely the highlight!!”

Amsssss – @Amar_sian

“My highlight of the paralympics, to be able to say #Iwasthere when @JonniePeacock won gold :-)”

Terry Firmer – @Terry_Firmer

“Well, time to say goodbye #paralympics It has been ace. And inspiring. My highlight: one legged high jump. Astounding.”

Martin Copus – @copusandco

“Highlight of Paralympics – Adam Hills & co on C4 TheLastLeg. Gr8 self-deprecating irreverence – disability will never be the same again! :-)”

Daniel James Baker – @danieljbaker_5

“High fiving the police on the way out has to also be a highlight of tonight! They’ve been so ‘fun’ during all of the Olympics & Paralympics”

Maggy Gould – @mgjewelleryUK

“#paralympics I’m rather sad it’s all over – what an amazing event! Highlights were Oscar, Hannah, Ellie & Boccia!”

By Team DH!

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  1. Hi all I went. To the end Paralympic. Game. Show.
    And I say what great. Show. I. Think it was the best I see. For. 20 years
    Be in the music Side as a doorman at. Night club. I do the gigs side
    And I have seen it all. And that show. I will. Take my hat off well done guys I think you put make for the disability Who out there and show what. Great one it was much beter then
    The ending. Of the main game ending. Walk over that
    So I hope you all out there think the same. Well done team GB

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