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Top 10 disability-related YouTube videos

Everyone loves a funny YouTube video that makes you laugh until you cry, or one that tugs at your heart strings. So here, regular writer Todd Akerman, rounds up some of the best disability-related videos on YouTube. So sit back and enjoy…

1. A great reminder that if you’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, there are no barriers.

2. It was hard picking a band with disabilities, but this is for those who don’t believe in fairy tales.

3. Wheelie taking this sport to the extreme. Waiting on you guys to get to Aaron Fotheringham’s level… yes Martyn Sibley. Bethany Hamilton is another athlete to look at.

4. For those who love babies…

5. And animals…

6. If you want to get soppy again.

7. What life can be like for people in poor countries or ones that don’t support disabled people. But there can be positive outcomes.

8. Remembering Robin Williams and a great way to cope with mental health problems – comedy.

9. This one is not for the faint hearted(WARNING: Don’t watch if you don’t like horror or blood and gore). A great treat for Halloween pranksters who have disabilities, especially like this…

10. And finally… Happy Christmas! This isn’t what you think it’s going to be.

By Todd Akerman

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